November 2023


This competition is organized by the company named “ESPORTS CAFE P.C.,” headquartered at 40 Vasilis Irakleiou Street, Thessaloniki (hereinafter referred to as the Organizer). The competition will be conducted through a corresponding announcement posted on the BNETGG application and the communication channels of Battlenet Gaming Stations.

The Organizer reserves the right to unilaterally modify these Terms at any time, at its absolute and unchecked discretion, to extend, reduce the duration, or even cancel the competition, as well as to revoke or change the prizes with others of similar or equal value, for any reason. Any such alteration shall be binding on all participants.


Participants in the competition, by their participation, provide their consent and authorization to the Organizer for the promotion of the competition and its results through radio, television, print, electronic media, and the internet.

The application is intended for individuals aged 18 and above. Minors must have the consent and supervision of their parents or legal guardians before participating in the game.

Users must have a valid account on the “BNETGG” application and agree to its terms of use.

Participation is individual and limited to one account per user.

Users must behave with respect towards other users and refrain from engaging in illegal, offensive, or unfair practices. The above requirements are established to ensure the smooth and professional operation of the application and the protection of the rights and safety of users.

Participants agree and accept that the chosen pseudonyms will be publicly displayed for the promotion of the application on various platforms (social media, press, website, etc.). Users acknowledge that the public display of their pseudonyms may result in their visibility to other application users and the general public. Users commit not to choose pseudonyms containing blasphemy, racist or offensive content, or any form of content that could be considered illegal or offensive. In case of violation of the above terms, the application management has the right to remove the specific user. The user will not receive any prize for their position on the leaderboard, and this position will be passed on to the next in line. The BNETGG application retains all legal rights to utilize user nicknames for promotional purposes without being obliged to provide any compensation or reward to users. Users release the BNETGG application, its administrators, and partners from any liability, claim, or demand that may arise from the use or display of their nicknames.

User participation is allowed once a day or through the redemption of points, as per the rules defined by the application. The explicit use of unauthorized methods or tools to increase participation frequency or gain additional points is strictly prohibited. The Organizer reserves the right to take appropriate measures, including the deduction of points or prohibition of access to the application, to enforce the honesty of the game and prevent unfair practices. Users are required to fully comply with the terms of use and avoid any illegal, unwanted, or unauthorized activities that could violate the security of the application or infringe upon the rights of other users. The Organizer retains all legal rights to protect security and prevent unfair practices. In case of violation of the terms of use or the use of unauthorized methods, the organizer reserves the right to take necessary actions, including the revocation of points or suspension of access to the application.


Possible Prizes:

  • 1 point
  • 2 points
  • 5 points
  • 10 points
  • 15 points
  • 20 points
  • 30 minutes LAN Booster
  • 1 hour LAN Booster
  • 2 hours LAN Booster
  • G733 Headphones
  • AOC CQ32G2SE/BK Monitors x 2
  • BattlenetGS Hoodie 2023
  • Coolermaster Gaming Mouse
  • G435 Lightspeed Set
  • Battlenet 2023 Backpacks
  • Gaming Chair

Note on Virtual Prizes:

Virtual prizes such as points and LAN Boosters are credited directly to the user’s profile on BNETGG and cannot be modified.

Note on Material Prizes:

In the case of material prizes, users will be notified of their victory within 10 business days after the end of the event. The draw will take place on January 2, 2024, through a certified system. Prizes will be sent to the winners within the next forty business days.

The Organizer reserves the right to postpone the delivery of prizes indefinitely and inform the winner about this change. It is emphasized that the postponement of prize delivery will only be applied in exceptional cases and will be at the discretion of the Organizer.

The Organizer reserves the right to use and publish, for advertising purposes, the names of winners, their photos, and videos. Participation in the competition automatically provides consent and assignment of the necessary intellectual property rights.

The Organizer is entitled to transfer the personal data of participants to collaborating companies in Greece and abroad, which contribute to the conduct of this competition and act as sponsors, as well as to services of the Greek State if required.

Participation in the competition automatically implies unconditional acceptance of the participation terms and involves the consequent waiver of any related claims against the Organizer.

Under no circumstances is the Organizer liable for any direct or indirect damages, expenses, and costs that may arise from any interruption, malfunction, or delay in the allocation and general handling of competition prizes. Additionally, the Organizer assumes no liability, criminal or civil, towards any winner or third party for any accident, damage, or injury that may occur during the use of the prizes or for any other reason.

For any information, participants can send an email to [email protected].


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