This document outlines the user data deletion process for the BNETGG mobile application, operated by ESPORTS CAFE P.C. It is imperative to understand that user data deletion is conducted in accordance with the principles and regulations set forth by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Deletion Request Procedure:

Users seeking the deletion of their personal data within the BNETGG app can initiate the process by either submitting a deletion request through the application interface or via email to [email protected]

This request triggers the commencement of the user data deletion procedure.

Notification on High Balance or Coupons:

Should a user possess a substantial balance of points or coupons within their account at the time of the deletion request, an informational message may precede the final deletion process. This message will apprise the user of the potential impact on their accumulated points or coupons, ensuring transparency in the data removal procedure.

Confirmation Process:

Users may be asked, to provide final confirmation for the deletion request. Failure to confirm, or disregard of the notification, will result in the automatic initiation of the deletion process after a grace period of 7 working days. It is imperative to note that this timeframe allows users an opportunity to reconsider their decision.

Cancellation Request:

Cancellation of a deletion request, requires written confirmation from the user and is only applicable if the deletion process has not been completed. This written communication ensures that the user is informed of any changes in the deletion status. It is important to note that the deletion action is final and irreversible, in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). ESPORTS CAFE P.C. is not responsible for any balance loss that occurs after the deletion request is completed, even if the user submits a request to revoke their deletion.

Permanence of Deletion:

Upon completion of the deletion request, all user data held by the BNETGG app is permanently and irrevocably expunged without any exceptions. This process aligns with the GDPR’s “Right to Erasure” (Right to be Forgotten) principle, ensuring a comprehensive removal of personal data from the application’s databases.


The BNETGG user data deletion process is designed to adhere to legalstandards, prioritizing user privacy and compliance with the GDPR. ESPORTS CAFE P.C. remains committed to transparent and secure data management practices, fostering trust with its user community. Users are encouraged to review the provided information and contact [email protected] for any further clarification or assistance in the user data deletion process.



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